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About Us

BoastHosting was initially founded in 2009 and provided website services for local businesses. In 2016, we closed our doors to re-imagine the company. Now we're entering 2017 and we have a mission. We've noticed a lack of student-ran development services. The idea was sparked when the founder was driving around the local area and came across a student-ran salon. This salon provided a discounted rate with the understanding that the customer will be working with students.

Enter BoastHosting 2017. We're here to provide student-ran development services for discounted rates. Initially, we were doing professional work for local businesses, family, and friends. We have over 8 years of development experience for our clients, and our developers are all students looking to improve their resumee. If you've ever wanted an affordable but professional website, we have your back. Gone are the days of using templates for development, which gives your website a lack of uniqueness. All designs are made from scratch, and then coded after the design has been approved.